Video Conferencing & Interviews


Howard Dully is available via video conferencing for interviews, discussions, and presentations.

He can address audiences large and small, including businesses, organizations, schools/universities, classrooms, and other groups.

Click here to contact us with your request. Here are some ideas for topics:

– The mindset of surviving a lobotomy
– How to turn the negative into positive
– Overcoming adversity

– A personal account of of Howard’s lobotomy: medical records, photos of procedure
– Psychiatric abuse, child abuse, recognizing symptoms, protecting patients/children, involuntary medical procedures, patient’s rights, etc.
Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) score: how childhood trauma affects adult health

If you are interested in the exploring the more technical aspect of lobotomies from a neurological perspective, Howard’s colleague Dr. Timothy J. Allen, MD can be integrated into the video conference. Dr. Allen is a neurologist at Neurology Specialists of the Rockies. He has lectured at conferences and taught local and international students for nearly 20 years. Dr. Allen is an advocate for survivors of psychiatric abuse. He does not charge fees for speaking about the medical aspects/history of lobotomies.

Do you have other topics in mind? Please contact us with your ideas. Howard looks forward to working with you!